domenica 3 agosto 2008

Speak Up for Justice for Journalists in Iraq

Despite a recent statement by U.S. General Petraeus saying that violence in Iraq is declining to almost "normal levels," several journalists and writers from the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq have received death threats in recent days. This abuse of civilians needs to stop. >>
One of the men was on a list of journalists at risk of being killed, apparently for criticizing the political parties in the region. Two others on the list have been killed.
130 journalists have been killed and 51 have been kidnapped since the war in Iraq began five years ago. The victims are of many nationalities, but Iraqis are grossly over represented.
Journalists, or any other civilian for that matter, should not have to live in fear for speaking out. Tell the Kurdish Regional Government to stop this abuse of human rights now -- and to uphold the right to freedom of expression in Iraq. >>

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