giovedì 8 novembre 2007

Mantém a Europa livre de Organismos Geneticamente Modificados.

On 25 October, Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner for the Environment, stood up to big agribusiness - refusing to allow cultivation of two varieties of genetically modified maize (Bt 11 and 1507).
But the chemical companies pushing these genetically engineered seeds have powerful allies. It’s possible Dimas’ unprecedented decision will be overturned at the EU Commission meeting in early November.
A strong outcry of support from the public is needed to get the EU Commission to put the health of its citizens before the commercial interests of two chemical companies.
To help, send this message to Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, and Commissioners Dimas, Kyprianou and Fischer-Boel.

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Bic Laranja ha detto...

A Europa, esta Europa do Barroso, é toda ele um organismo geneticamente modificadao.

Scarlata ha detto...

Como contraria-lo...:§