mercoledì 5 settembre 2007

Os erros que se cometem, pagam-se!

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Alinhavou, alinhavou (deve ter sido por causa das ultimas 2 fotos, toda nua)... e:
hi, how's it going!
29-ago-2007 17.04

So, looks like the time has arrived for me to start using this account! I took a gander though your page and well, I liked what I saw.. ;p My name is xxxxx. I think you and I should be friends, cause you seem pretty cool, and maybe even cute! (it's everso hard to tell in this digital world :) anyway, i'd go on and on, but I want to get a response from you.. You should check out my profile on this other site, I dunno how much I'll be on xxxx, but I'm always on over there: http://www.xxxxxxxxxx/ (my username is xxxx). Then maybe we could chat sometime! you know what they say.. appearance wins over the eyes, but personality wins over the heart.. haha..take care,
Tão querido.... Mega LMAO
Mas onde é que eu ia buscar material para os meus escritos se não fossem anjos destes... Dou-lhe uma abébia? >:>>>

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